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We are officially graduated!

Hi! Finally!! We are officially graduated! And.. We all passed the exams :) Congrats SMAN 9!
Oh, I’m sorry I haven’t written anything lately. But I promise, I’ll write more! ;) 

Well, I think I’ll just post some pictures of my graduation.
Well, there ya go! ;)

so crowded huh? we were having lunch ;)

Me - Michella - Ribka

Me - Ribka.

Ribka!! Haha, how I loooove this girl <3 p="">
We used to skip class together.
We used to do stupid things together.

I remember, it was monday, english class, we were supposed to make a speech but we didn’t. We were playing Riff off just like in Pitch Perfect. And suddenly.... The teacher walked into us! We were like “oh shit....” but we were smart enough to lie ;) so we were singing-- I don’t remember what song, and we wrote one word from the lyrics, it was “Dream”. We pretended like we were discussing something. And, the teacher believed us, so... we were okay, we did a pretty good job. Haha.

I’m going to miss high school so much..
I learned bunch of stuff in high school.
Well, thanks guys.
Love you
<3 p="">

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